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About BetVictor

BetVictor is a bookmaking company which provides services such as online sports betting, casino and poker. Headquartered in Gibraltar, it is legally known as Victor Chandler International and is named after its chairman Victor Chandler. Founded in 1946 by Victor Chandlers grandfather William Chandler, BetVictor is now operational in more than 160 different countries. They have half a billion customers worldwide and are estimated to have a turnover of more than #1billion.

BetVictor is generally regarded as one of the best bookmakers in the United Kingdom. They have a brilliant track record of providing the best services in the industry. Competitive odds and a user-friendly website with an easy account verification system make BetVictor very attractive to even novice customers. They settle bets by paying their customers the cash they have won the same day without having to track bets over a longer period of time. They offer the best odds in the industry for sports betting. They offer up to 6.8% for basketball matches, 3.1 for Football and up to 5.3% for Tennis and Ice Hockey.

BetVictor has an easy to user website for indulging in sports betting. Clients can place their bets through their online portal or through their mobile application which is available for iPhones and the Android platform. They also have betting shops in the United Kingdom. BetVictor offers five odds formats. They offer the European Decimal format, the UK Fraction format, the US American format and also Indo and Chinese formats. BetVictor is one the most reliable and reasonable bookmaking company in the United Kingdom. They operate on low profit margins on soccer which means that they offer their customers some of the best odds on football betting. BetVictor also offers live betting services and provides an amazing, easy-to-use interface for its live betting console. There are indicators to see rising and falling odds and they provide a list of upcoming events for live betting. BetVictor provides an amazing mobile application that is available across most popular platforms such as iPhone, Android and Blackberry. The app is not just a great way to place bets but also an amazing resource for keeping up with all your favourite live sporting events.

BetVictor operates in several countries and accepts payment in several currencies including the UK pound, Euros, US Dollar, Hong Kong Dollar, Singapore Dollar, Japanese Yen, Swiss Francs, Korean Won, Australian Dollar, Chinese Renminbi and several other currencies. Payments can be made through all major debit and credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, PayPal, Electron, bank transfer and several other options. Winnings can also be withdrawn using the above payment methods. The maximum online payout is #100,000 per customer per day.

BetVictor provides excellent customer support for their clients. There are several ways in which clients can avail customer support. BetVictor has a round the clock customer support team via live chat. They have a tool free phone service for their UK customers and regular telephone services for customers in other countries. Clients can also contact their customer support through email. They are known to provide quick responses to email queries and they provide separate emails for different sections (casino, sports betting, poker) of their site to enable more efficient customer support. Their customer support is available in several languages including English, German, Greek and Israeli.

BetVictor has run its bookmaking business successfully for more than 65 years. They are reliable and known to offer the best odds on sports betting and especially on live betting events. Whether you are experienced player or a novice, BetVictor is a service you should definitely check out.